Emmi Sleeps Alone

Release date: March 1, 2023


So many things frighten Emmi at night. She imagines ferocious animals and scary sounds. All she wants is the safety found in her parent’s bed. Yet, her mommy gently assures her that things are not always as they seem. There is safety in her room.


Emmi Sleeps Alone is a collaboration between my daycare kids, my grandaughter Taylor and myself.  

Cris Burks.

“Facillimum id quidem est, inquam. Primum Theophrasti, Strato, physicum se voluit; Sed fortuna fortis; Honesta oratio, Socratica, Platonis etiam. Certe non potest. Vestri haec verecundius, illi fortasse constantius.”

– Some author name.

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Certe non potest sed haec in pueris. Verum hoc idem saepe faciamus.

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Sed virtutem ipsam inchoavit, nihil amplius. Quonam modo?