Release date: September 10, 2002

Katie has reached the end of her rope. Her fourth marriage is falling apart, she’s drowning in debt but can’t find a job, and now she has to care for the sons of husband number four. To top it off, her mother won’t stop harping on Katie’s weight, as if the scale held the answer to all these troubles.

Like millions of women, Katie decides to tune out her real-life woes by tuning in to the Internet. There, she sheds her plus-size wardrobe and emerges as SilkyDreamGirl, an identity as luscious as the desserts she craves. Soon Katie’s imaginary self, who is persuasive, in control, and very sexy, starts taking charge in Katie’s off-line world. Inspired by her sultry chat-room dates, she turns the tables on her badgering ex and starts enjoying the sweet life. She even turns her affection for confections into a lucrative baking business. Clever, fast-paced, and good for the soul, SilkyDreamGirl is a terrific treat that’s low in calories and high in fun.


What happens when Katie tries church?  Yes! Katie, Mama and the boys are returning in MessyChurchMamas!.

-Cris Burks.

“Facillimum id quidem est, inquam. Primum Theophrasti, Strato, physicum se voluit; Sed fortuna fortis; Honesta oratio, Socratica, Platonis etiam. Certe non potest. Vestri haec verecundius, illi fortasse constantius.”

– Some author name.

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Certe non potest sed haec in pueris. Verum hoc idem saepe faciamus.

New York Times

Sed virtutem ipsam inchoavit, nihil amplius. Quonam modo?