Cris Burks

Where have you been? You disappeared after writing two novels. You haven’t published anything in years! What happened to you? 

Life. On the brink of a successful writing career, my focus shifted. I didn’t like the directions of my writing. As a rededicated Christian, I realized my writings did not reflect my beliefs or faith. I did not know how to transition from secular to faith-based stories. I struggled with the process. My critical eye ripped everything I wrote apart. While I still wrote poems and worked on several novel ideas (I have completed one novel), I was disappointed in everything I wrote. Therefore, I had no desire to publish. So, I followed the footsteps of other ex-writers—I sought employment, first as a research analyst and finally as a childcare provider.

The children instill in me the desire to write again. They wanted stories and activities that stimulated their play. Our weekly trips to the library found us with armloads of books that we somehow manage to read and return in a week. I thoroughly enjoyed their play, and often they yanked me into their imaginary worlds. Stories began to bloom in me. Yet, I only had time to make quick notes, if any.
My home was open from 6 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to noon Saturday. Field trips, playgrounds, and splash ponds filled our days. Only after I said no to Saturdays and cut our hours from 6 to 6 did I have time to formulate stories.


In addition to writing Christian fiction, my goals include creating children and middle-grade stories that inspire and teach. I will plod through the works in my top file drawer to see if anything is worth salvaging. Easy, right? No. I battle writer’s block. I fight against procrastination. I claw through cobwebs that surround the skills I once used. I need focus. I need accountability. I need feedback until my pen is steady once more. Hence this website. It is my very PUBLIC NOTEBOOK.

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